( ispiratemi  dalla mia passione per le sorelle Brontė )


1855-2005: In memoria di Charlotte Brontė


 Se tu oggi potessi qui con noi 

Trovarti in incognito fuori dal tuo tempo

A vivere per caso in questo mondo

Troppo nuovo, cosģ diverso dal tuo,

chissą cosa potrebbe la tua mente

immaginare e costruire ancora ….


E questi anni, ben centocinquanta

Hanno decretato il tuo successo

Imperituro ormai ovunque nel mondo

Un succedersi infinito di ristampe

Traduzioni e letture per interpretare

Al meglio quel tuo repertorio di sogni.


Dolce e temeraria fortissima Jane

Solitaria e tristemente coraggiosa Lucy

Altera eppur sensibile Shirley

Piccola e determinata Frances

Ancora grande č il tuo messaggio

E sempre per noi tu sei in tutte loro.


Centocinquanta, ed oggi son trascorsi

Fra tante celebrazioni e nel tuo ricordo

Un dolce timido sguardo sembri donarci

Con occhi ridenti dal tuo ritratto

Forse specchio per il cristallo multicolore

Della tua scrittura senza tempo.

 (31  marzo 2005)




Sweet, little Anne

Last but not the least

Of those famous three

Whose fame and power

Go still the world round


Sweet, little Anne,

So kind and humbly patient

How modest and sensible

Why for so many years

By us shamefully neglected?


It’s your moment now

Many are your admirers today

And your novel is a film at last.

Sweet, little Anne

Please only forgive

Our somehow stupid blunders.





(a sonnet)


And here I am again

To my dear beloved ones

Here for the fourth time in life

Just to honour them once more.


I still feel all their spell

Just near me in this silent place

While all around the world is still

No matter how it can go on.


Strange how strange is wondering

To which extent they all possess my mind

How much their past life is also mine

How much our far path is now twinned.


If only one day I lived near them forever

Could I finally be fulfilled at last?






How deep, down in me

Are your real essence

And a heart all of yours,

So great a mind

And a clear way of thought

While translating from you.


I can almost see

Your beloved tiny hand

Softly touching the little page

Late at night in the dark

How near and on it

How far instead by thought.


So many bald heroines

Faithful and devoted to their man,

Jane and Lucy the most famous

But also many others unknown

Proud and courageous little women

All mirroring the best of you..


May I show the world today

What is still your great prize

May I let you have more reward

For what you were in youth

A learned dreaming stubborn girl

Whose hopes have by far outlived her.